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So here’s the dilemma: you are a blood-thirsty and powermad leader, but you’re having trouble kicking ass? Well you’re in luck because I’m gonna tell you all about it – starting with swaying the foot backwards and ending with the foot touching the unfortunate owners bum.

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My WC3 history - The legacy of GamlaSonn

Posted on 05. Nov 2010, 18:25

In my younger days I was very active in the Norwegian Warcraft 3 community. I arranged weekly tournaments, well known as GamlaTOURs, and I played at a decent level (for Norwegian standards..) under the alias of GamlaSonn. Here I've collected some memorical texts from those ol' days which I'm sure will take some of you back in time, if only for just a short period of time. They sure did for me.

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