My Kode5 Regional Experience

Here's a text I wrote after attending the Kode5 Regionals 2006 tournament in Germany. I realize parts of it might be a bit embarassing to read, but some people may fancy reading the thing anyway. I've not edited the text that much, just fixed some grammatical errors and removed really silly sentences.

Originally posted around autumn 2007.

A GamlaSonn production! This text is an exact copy of my writings from this trip, with some corrections. It summarizes my experience of my first participation in an offline event overseas. This event took place in Germany, Berlin in the Cinestar Original at the Potsdamer Platz and was actually played a year ago. I competed in the Warcraft III: TFT Kode5 Regionals competition and my opponents were the Dutchman Grubby, the Polish Paladyn and five germans, among them the great Miou. So you can see, me being a Norwegian, I felt kind of like an outsider. So before I lose your attention, let's get this show on the road.

Oh, and if you're still not interested, keep in mind that at this very event the birth of a new innovative strategy took place. Yes none other than: The hidden mk strategy.

Now I'm standing in the Kode 5 playing area. It's about 1 hour prior to tournament start so there are basically no players other than me here. I meet with some dude who later turns out to be Mars, the WC3 admin. I had already talked with him some times on IRC so I could finally say I've found a "familiar" person. He tells me that there are very few PC's available, which later turned out to be a huge factor for the overall experience... Just imagine playing double-elimination wc3 along with Q4 (16 players) on 8 PC's, and some of them don't even work! Anyways, soon players and shoutcasters arrive and we hang around and chat. 20 minutes before tourny start and still no sign of Grubby, miou or Paladyn, and a light shined upon me with a glimmer of hope, but a false one. Because moments after they all arrived.

Then it was showtime. The brackets are ready and I could see my first opponent was ID.Bam, an undead player. As this was my first tournament overseas, I was very doubting on my chances to beat any of them. I was trying this new strat 1 or 2 days before the trip and it was basically rifle+casters for the win. That's what I did against Bam. By constantly pushing with riflemen I was able to keep full control of the match until the very end. I won both of the games this way (actually all of my matches in total was won this way). Of course Bam had to comment on how evil MK was etc. but I didn't mind :P.

Now after like two hours of waiting I was tired and my legs were weak after all the standing (Paladyn "borrowed" my seat for a while :X) and the big big moment was here. The moment where I was to face Grubby, the bestest Orc player in the wh0le wr0ld. I already knew my chances were pretty slim and it didn't help my confidence to see on (a german e-sport site where you can make joke bets) that 100% of the voters had voted for Grubby (like 150 votes last time I checked). Therefore, I went to battle with style and honor. As my games were going quite badly, it seemed almost like flabbert's* presence had vanished.

* flabbert is the clanleader of my clan during this event and we liked to joke about flabbert being an almighty being, king of the universe etc. Don't ask why.

Of course, the delay in the tournament keeps stacking up. Now I'm supposed to wait for TCT-Mariklus and dKh|Yannick to play and then I will play the winner, but first Grubby and miou had to play the WB final. And then it turns out the other side of the bracket has to play before us (Kannwas and ID.Bam). Fortunately they only played 3 games and the last one was on Gnoll Wood where the Orc massed fortified towers and expansions! Short game? Go figure.

At last Mari and Yannik could play. As I were to tired to stand around and watch the games I was chilling out in the gaming "cinema" room, where the important matches of the tourney were shoutcasted live. But the room was so dark and I was so bored I nearly passed out!

By some kind of super sences I managed to notice an admin saying: "We need you", and then I realised I might be able to keep playing this tour while still being conscious. I got my stuff ready, warmed up for a minute and were "ready" to go. My opponent was TCT-Mariklus, also an undead player. The first game played on Turtle Rock I was playing really stupid and I didn't achieve anything. I tried to tower with Firelord on crossmap. It failed miserably. Then all of a sudden flabbert telepathically told me not to be nervous and to believe in my humbalanced powers. So I did the strat I used vs. Bam and won the second game played on Echo Isles. In the deciding game on Twisted Meadows he managed to produce a large number of abominations which meant big trouble for me with my riflearmy. It seemed like my chances were pretty slim at times, but luckily with some dotaskills (right-click + T) and other luck factors (half of his army were appearently fighting creeps...) I managed to take the win.

Then I played vs. Paladyn and was liek OMGWTFBBQ-pwnd what happened? And then I whined to SK.miou and then I went back to the hotel.*

* Seems like I got tired of writing at this point :D.

As last words I want to give a shoutout to miou, Mars and the other germans, Grubby, Pwaladyn, team CS Pentagram for screaming all the time, my supportive, fellow Norwegians and also my fans!!

GamlaSonn out.


Download: gtstats.pdf

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