My WC3 history - The legacy of GamlaSonn

In my younger days I was very active in the Norwegian Warcraft 3 community. I arranged weekly tournaments, well known as GamlaTOURs, and I played at a decent level (for Norwegian standards..) under the alias of GamlaSonn. Here I've collected some memorical texts from those ol' days which I'm sure will take some of you back in time, if only for just a short period of time. They sure did for me.

It is with great enthusiasm that I bring new life into some old, dusty scrapes of history by publishing this article. It seems like an eternity ago, but in fact has only been one year. Strange how time lures you. One year, five years, who can tell the difference? Regardless, my time in the WC3 scene has been a big part of my life from approximately 2004 - until 2009 (somewhat less in the last year as my motivation for the game was miniscule at that point).

The beginning

Image of valhall arena
Valhall Arena. Photo: Stein Jarle Olsen

Let me start of by introducing you to the beginning of my Warcraft "career" - where it really started to take form. It was in autumn 2004, in a large sportsarena called "Valhall". I was participating in the 1on1 Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne tournament at a LAN called OsloLAN. I had no expectations, all I wanted was to beat my clanmates who was sitting with me. Only The Jesus remembers what our clan was called.

The tournament went very well for me, I beat dude after dude and soon found myself meeting the greatest talent Norway has ever bred in the universe of Warcraft 3 - The Night Elf player "Creolophus". The first game was played on a small map called "2 Rivers" and it suited my tier two push very well.

Since the beginning of The Frozen Throne I had been playing the race Human and the normal cookiecutter strategy was to push at tier two with militia, casters and riflemen.

I guess he wasn't expecting me to make any resistance because after a bit of back and forth action, he resigned. I was leading 1 to 0 against the best player in Norway. I remember adrenaline was pumping through my body instead of blood, I was totally ecstatic. Of course I lost the two next games because I couldn't stop my arms from shaking.
The next match I met the second best gamer in Norway at that time, the Orc player "Dominator". I also managed to steal a map from him, but in the end failed to seal the deal. But I was far from being dissapointed.

I still clearly remember some well-known character in the Norwegian scene claiming I were to be the next big thing. Funny how some things stick to your memory. Unfortunately I never lived up to that claim.

Since then I got more engaged in the Norwegian WC3 community and in aprox. 2005 I began arranging tournaments.

The community

I can clearly remember how me and my Warcraft buddies "infested" the community, both globally and nationally, by "trolling" and joking around when we should've been acting professionally. It thought it was quite funny back then. We were actually more known for it than our gaming skills. Now when I look back at it I see it was kind of silly and not helping the community at all.


Download: gtstats.pdf

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